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We are committed to serve Christ and one another by submitting to God’s Word, becoming the  ekklessia, building relationally and in mutual accountability, developing and releasing the engiftedness within those we serve, evangelizing those who do not know Christ, confronting the world system with God’s demands for justice, and in all things, seeking first the  Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

It is important that our value system is rooted in the Word of God and the life of Christ! A commitment to these is essential if we are to carry out effective ministry in the world. This means that KMUSA stands for the principle of servant leadership that is demonstrated by personal integrity, moral purity, financial responsibility and ethical standards of Christian conduct. Our core ministry values are reflected in the following statements:


All interaction with God begins with recognizing and embracing the non-negotiable terms through which God enters relationship with man and leads man to His desired end.


All life in God is found in the freedom of the Holy Spirit mediating His life through the gifts of the Spirit, the fruits of the Spirit and the daily leadership of the Spirit.

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Core Theological Beliefs,

including our Statement of Faith


All increase in God begins with seeking and yielding to the rule and the realm of God’s governmental way as expressed in the various jurisdictions of life.


All missional growth in God is to include the salvation of individuals and the transformation of social structures through the authority of God’s Word and the intentional outreach of Christ’s Church.


All training in God is done with the intent of making disciples of Christ who are willing to be equipped in the knowledge of the Son until they reach the measure which belongs to the fullness of Jesus Christ.


All corporate fellowship in God is found in the context of the redeemed community who are fitted and framed together as each joint supplies the Body for the building up of itself in love.


All generations in Christ are to be joined in heart for the pursuit of God’s future, assuring the transfer of truth and faith one generation to the next.

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